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Stefani P. Hogan Casefiles: Amy Bergan
Name: Amelia “Amy” Bergan (Formerly Earnshaw-Dantés)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 4 foot, 11 inches
Race: Rabbit (Traces of Dragon too)
Occupation: Student
Personality: The type of personality you get when your single parent turns out to be a super dick-tator, and you get adopted by the guy who kinda/maybe killed him. She has a hard time trusting anyone, and is a super grumpy woman. She tends to keep to herself, browsing internet, or playing app games on her arm. Has a strong hate for drinking and cigarettes, inherited from her blood father. And a dislike for swearing too. Finally, she has anger control problems, she might overreact to small annoyances with pure rage. And if something DOES deserve anger, god help you.
Appearance: Brown fur, dyed red head hair (formerly blue),  which is short, too short for me to tink of a “style” to describe it, just short. Purple eyes, the “whites” of her eyes are more of a grey.
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Stefani P. Hogan Casefiles: Jakob Bergan
Name: Jakob Bergan (Pronounced Yah-Kob Ber-Gahn)
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6 foot, 2 inches.
Race: Fox
Occupation: Detective (On indefinite suspension)
Personality: Asshole... I mean, he's nice in a way. He's blunt, never smiles, even if happy, if he even gets happy. He can be a bit of a prat, especially when around people he finds attractive, as in, he thinks with his penis. BESIDES that, he has a strong sense of jutice and would do ANYTHING to stop the bad guy. So there's that. Has a bad habit of smoking... and drinking... and former drug use.
Appearance: Blue fur. Green Eyes. Black hair, kinda scruffy. Scruffy all over really. Likes to paint his nails black from time to time. Half the time he has bloodshot eyes cause of lack of sleep. Bad breath... oh wait, appearances, has worn the same outfit for 15 years I think, the slob.
Abilities/Powers: Trained in Hand to Hand combat. Expert Marksman. Great in Investigations. Has minor elemental magic from Mage training
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Mature content
Viktor plz. :iconbobcheese400:Bobcheese400 0 0
Billy's Diary - Happy
Dear Diary
It's been a while. Well, technically it hasn't, I've never written in you. You're a new diary. A new diary on a computer! Can you believe that? I bought a computer. I've even bought a desk for you.
Over the past couple months I have changed quite a bit. I mean, all the money I've just had in my bank for all this time, I finally caved in and used it. I live in this flat now, I actually bought it, no rent, no mortgage! I can't believe I had so much, I mean, I guess after living off someone else when you're getting paid every job you take pays off well. I have clothes as well. I also have an electric razor for if I shave. It doesn't happen often but I do actually shave.
I don't go the hairdressers yet. I'm still used to the Lord cutting my hair, which is dumb as heck, I know, I'm near 30 and I still get my hair cut by him, but he knows how I like it.
I've never seen him as happy as he is now. I didn't realise how much stress I caused him, I'd feel guilty, but I'd rather not put
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Future Shock - Remember Promo
The video started. There were black two leather chairs in a pure white room. Upon the chairs were two individuals, each weaing a black suit. The one of the left chair had his short black hair slicked back, his face had many scars, and his facial hair was scruffy, unshaven. The man on the right had his dark brown hair tightly and neatly bound into a ponytail, his facial hair also neatly trimmed, a simple mustache linking into a goatee, he also seems to sport an irremovable smirk.
"The Spider, Robert Black." The Ponytailed Man said.
"The Future, Billy Blaze." His partner responded. "That is what the big bad promoters of the old "Rising Star Promotions" tried call us. And for a while, we took it in stride." he scratched his messy beard, "I mean, I was promoted as THE student of Lord Colin WIlliams, I was the future! Everyone had something to prove when in the ring with me."
"As for me, I was booked as an angry, hardcore brute, who thrived on hurting people. A predator. I wasn't acknowledg
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Mature content
Theodore Dahmer - Dealing the Debt :iconbobcheese400:Bobcheese400 0 0
Mature content
Billy's Diary - Dream :iconbobcheese400:Bobcheese400 0 0
Future Shock Promo - Advert
The camera faded in, there in the scene was two men, one man, wearing a dark red suit, yellow tinted shades, his black pony tail neat and tight as he stroked his goatee, examining posters on the back wall. The other man, with his heavily dyed black hair and full faced beard neatened and straight, had scars on his face, a somewhat out of place jaw, was dressed in a simple black shirt/blue jeans combo. That man was also playing with wrestling action figures at the Merchandise Stand in the middle of the shot.
The Pony-tailed man turned around.
"Ah, look at what we have here, welcome welcome to the Shop! I am Mr. Black, World Tag Team Champion, as you are well aware," He laughs as he bows, "We are here to tell you about the big additions to the Store. Posters! Shirts! Figures! Merch of all kinds! Isn't that right Mr. Blake?"
Black turned his head to Blake, who was still playing with the figures, muttering commentary to himself.
"Hey, uh, Mr. Blake?" Black looked back to the camera, then ba
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Future Shock Promo - Bored
Boos echoed loudly through the arena, Future Shock had just cheat their way through another Tag Team match. This time it was a simple trick, one member, Mr. Black, had distracted the referee by trying to get into the ring, while this happened the legal member, Billy "Mr." Blake, used a low blow, before lifting his opponent and dropping him with a jumping Piledriver.
Now, as the music pumped through the speakers, Mr. Black had picked up a microphone, as Billy held up both Tag Team championship belts, shouting at the crowd.
Black cleared his throat.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I stand before you with a very, VERY familiar sight. Future Shock AGAIN winning another match." He said with a smirk. "But, my dear friends, it seems we have come to a problem."
"A Problem!" Billy found his own microphone it had seemed, he leaned on Mr. Black, "Tell them the problem Mr. Black"
"As I will Mr. Blake," He raised his finger and opened his mouth, before turning back to Billy, "I must say Mr. Blake, your bear
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Three Eggman Alterate Universe Designs by Bobcheese400 Three Eggman Alterate Universe Designs :iconbobcheese400:Bobcheese400 0 0
Mature content
Billy's Bedtime (Warning in Description) :iconbobcheese400:Bobcheese400 1 0
Billy's Heel turn.
Colin: *stands in the middle of the ring. Taps cane onto the mat twice as if to get the audiences attention* ... Ladies and Gentlemen. A few months ago I made a huge mistake. I allowed a man to defend his championship despite a major knee injury. This mistake allowed Mr. Black *pauses as the boos start* ... to steal the HTR Championship.
Well, it gives me great pleasure. To reintroduce to you! My student, former HTR Champion! Billy! BLAZE!
*Hear that? Haddaway's What is Love has hit! And after a while, Billy limps on out! Fists raised, smiling, showing off those crooked, and  some false, teeth. High fives some front row fans just before he rolls into the ring and raises fists again, allowing music to die down and soak in that crowd reaction*
Kath: *Leans into one of the screens watching till she's told to step back slightly.*
Billy: *holds a mic for a second* ... One match. One match was all it took to tear a new champion's title away. One match to crush the Underdog Champion's dr
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Patient Interview 1- Hacker.
I had to interview another patient today. Normally I'd consider him to be a sad case. He's one of the many "genius" types we've had over the years, unfortunately. So much great potential, lost to the inability to use it productively.
I say "normally" because his attitude is… horrid. He is sarcastic, insulting, and arrogant. However, I'm a professional, and I will do my job well. I do love the job. You'd have to to work here to be honest. I'm not complaining, but it's two hours to get here and four to get back home. Plane to here, boats back. So, the only people here are those WILLING to spend a quarter of a day at least to travel. And about half a day working. Of course, why wouldn't they? We have the most advanced science, the most powerful magic. And even great low tech jobs. Like mine.
I talk to the patients. That's it. But it's truly great to see how each, well… each "character" I talk to really is. It's rude to say it I know, but some guys I talk to seems to come right o
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Cleaning the City: Introduction
Citizens were fleeing inside their homes as flaming rubble rained down upon Betlon City. The famed Macro Tower had just exploded in an unusual green ball of flame.
How did this happen? Who caused this? Panicked whispers traded assumptions but noone fully knew what had gone on inside the tower.
It took a few minutes for the rubble to stop falling, there was only silence. The streets has become completely abandoned. Everyone was scared of what was to come…
And then…
It happened…
The soft playing of a Piano blew through the air. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata to be exact. Only, it seemed to be coming from a car radio.
Suddenly is happened, a sports car flew into the air, it's paint peeling, it's front tyres blown, the hood of the car even of fire! It slammed to the ground, the exposed wheels sparking upon impact as it struggled to keep at a fast pace.
Not far behind it was a military helicopter, silver in colour, raining gunfire down at the damaged c
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The 'King of Awesome's' speech
The news channel had reported there would be a speech by the very controversial King of Orzuum, Daniel H. Cheese. But, as the cameras turned on, there was nothing save an empty hall. The News anchor had become worried, had she been lied to, joked with, or given the wrong date/time?
Suddenly, the microphone picked up a noise, a can opening and footsteps, and finally, upon the podium stood the so-called King.
His black eyes seemed to dart about to examine the surrounding area, his grey skin contorts as he smirks, showing one large fang. Finally, he brushed some of his green fur back and adjusted his suit as he stared dead at the camera.
He opened his mouth and spoke in a calm tone.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it seems there is a little, hmm, terrorist threat, shall we say?" He gave a little chuckle and continued, leaning a cheek on his hand lazily as his arm rested on the podium. "An imitation of a King too, what was his name, Adar? Adhd? Whatever. This man, this fool thinks he can scare the
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Sliding Scale meme by Bobcheese400 Sliding Scale meme :iconbobcheese400:Bobcheese400 0 0


New to STC, Game Over with Tracy Yardley! by kintobor New to STC, Game Over with Tracy Yardley! :iconkintobor:kintobor 173 10 One Final [ ACT ] by AdriOfTheDead One Final [ ACT ] :iconadriofthedead:AdriOfTheDead 103 3 * You felt your sins crawling on your back. by AdriOfTheDead * You felt your sins crawling on your back. :iconadriofthedead:AdriOfTheDead 116 12 Alexa Bliss by vashperado Alexa Bliss :iconvashperado:vashperado 1,204 36 Sonic Man 14 Faux Cover by JoeAdok Sonic Man 14 Faux Cover :iconjoeadok:JoeAdok 251 13 Dia de Sarasaland by TheArtrix Dia de Sarasaland :icontheartrix:TheArtrix 171 28 Finn Balor The Demon by venom34 Finn Balor The Demon :iconvenom34:venom34 108 27 Cesaro-Big-Swing-jondavidguerra2 by JonDavidGuerra Cesaro-Big-Swing-jondavidguerra2 :iconjondavidguerra:JonDavidGuerra 38 12 John Cena vs Cesaro by JonDavidGuerra John Cena vs Cesaro :iconjondavidguerra:JonDavidGuerra 47 25 Cesaro strut! by JonDavidGuerra Cesaro strut! :iconjondavidguerra:JonDavidGuerra 36 11 Team Sonic as The New Day by FallenAngelCam7 Team Sonic as The New Day :iconfallenangelcam7:FallenAngelCam7 28 16 The New Day Trapper Keeper by TheSteveYurko The New Day Trapper Keeper :iconthesteveyurko:TheSteveYurko 153 9 Lass Kicker by vashperado Lass Kicker :iconvashperado:vashperado 1,637 73 Undyne The Undying by vashperado Undyne The Undying :iconvashperado:vashperado 3,026 200 Babby Rugs by knockabiller Babby Rugs :iconknockabiller:knockabiller 522 59 Ken spilt his milk. by jollyjack Ken spilt his milk. :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 733 115
So, you can see I've done a little writing every now and again here on the Deviantarts. I won't lie, I've written some more elsewhere as well, FurAffinity, Tumblr, yadda yadda.
Well now I actually plan on doing a proper story. Whether it will actually go anywhere, or I am too lazy to do it once again, who knows?
My current plan is to write some sort of "Prologues" to different stories set in my world, and we'll see where that goes.
The first story is "Avatar" about a University student cursed into an alternate dimension, where she must physically go in, and beat, her game library if she ever hopes to leave her room again. I mean she was always a bit of a Hermit anyway, but she'd like to not starve to death.


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